Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion Bloggers Secret Santa

I absolutely love this idea and I can’t wait to take part. Blog the be alive is this year hosting a Fashion Bloggers Secret Santa check out all the details here and join in.
As a newbie I hope this will be a really great way to get you know you other Fashion bloggers out there.


  1. Found your blog through this! I've only just started fashion blogging, too, and I'm so excited to find other blogs to read. I didn't know there were any other plus sized fashion bloggers until now. So excited. And I love your polka dot background!

  2. HI , i just received your gifts, it is so nice, I am very happy and I thank you very much!!Everything is lovely, and pink is my favorite color; tomorrow, I'll take some pictures for the secret santa blog!
    pascale (froufoumania)