Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primark Spree

I’ve been to Primark on a bit of a shopping spree and got some fabulous stuff, It’s not a place I go to very often as I’m not able to get the clothes to fit, however  do like the shoes and accessories so that is what I have bought take a look.
DSC06381Love Necklace - £2.00DSC06385Owl Necklace - £2.50DSC06387Birdcage Necklace - £2.00DSC06403    Tan Satchel Bag - £6.00DSC06391Headband - £1.50 DSC06393Nude and Black Scarf - £3.00DSC06395 Black Brogue type shoes - £8.00DSC06396 Gold and Grey Sandals - £12.00DSC06400Black Bag - £9.00
I’m getting a bit obsessed with Owls at the moment that is the 4th necklace I have. I can’t wait to wear/use all this loot. So what do you think do you like? let me know.


  1. Love the birdcage necklace. I have to say I normally don't bother with Primark as the mass of skinny people make me feel like I am at an anorexic convention but I may change my mind now...

  2. Nice satchel! I got the black bag in tan, it's lovely!

    It really pays to try things on in Primark. i am normally a 20/22, and have a few bits from there, I try everything on!