Saturday, August 07, 2010

Retail Therapy…

and boy did I need it after the week I've had I have spent most of the week in bed with a Migraine, I've never had one before and I'm telling you now I'm not looking for another one in a hurry. I’m still suffering as I write this and that probably has something to do with me going out to the cinema (to see Eclipse finally) and shopping today.
I went to Evans for a look around and to try a few things…
IMG_0344I’m thinking this would have been brilliant to take on holiday I actually tried it on for a wedding I have in October but it’s not quite right for that, IMG_0338I really liked this one but it was too short for me to wear with leggings and to long to wear with jeans so I left it. IMG_0342  This one I loved on the website and I looked great on the hanger but I didn’t like it on me the fringy bit was a bit weird bit it was a great length.
This is what I did buy
IMG_035021G26HBLK_large    IMG_0347You can tell I’m ill this is all I came back with Can’t wait to wear them now (btw when I got home went straight to bed this is me wearing my new shoes in be with my wonder woman PJ’s on lol)


  1. Hello - thanks for following me, it really means a hell of a lot. I hope you're feeling better. That maxi dress looks fab on you!

    Don;t forget to comment on my blog comp entry for a chance to win! xxx

  2. so jealous you got that necklace : )

    the second dress looks great on you.
    you could totally rock it with leggings.
    short schmort.
    : )