Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas One and All! x


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100 Thing that make me Happy Part 8, 9 and 10.....

Part 8, 9 and 10 of the my Happy things series originally posted by Sophia over at  Sophia's Journal 
71 - 100.

71 - Wrapping Presents

72 - Jewellrey

73 - Christmas Lights

74 - Mamma Mia

75 - Look Magazine

76 - Pay Day

77 - Shoes

78 - Writing Lists

79 - Birthdays

80 - Dance with Me Tonight by Olly Murs
81 - Doing something you didn't think you could.

82 - Primark (disposable trends)

83 - Giving Gifts

84 - Searching Pinterest

85 - Painting my Nails

86 - Singing (when i'm alone)

87 - Thinking "I look Pretty today"

88 - Going out for a Curry

89 - The Hangover

90 - Night at the Pub

91 - Watching DVD's

92 - Weddings

 93 - Thinking about my Childhood

94 - Christmas Movies

95 - Having Options

96 - Laughing

97 - Lady Ga Ga's Music

98 - Using the Internet

99 - Feeling after a Workout

100 - Getting my Glossy Box

Pictures from various sites including Pinterest and
What makes You Happy?

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Back.....

Hello sorry it's been a while I decided to give myself a much needed break, Lots of stuff has been going on in my life and I really wanted to just concentrate on that. so i'm afraid you have all been abandoned. But i'm back and have decided to ease the pressure on myself and will now be posting when I a) want to and b) have something interesting to say. That way we won't get board.
So I would like to start by wishing everyone Seasons Greetings.

I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping which was no mean feat. I don't know how other people go through the process of buying gifts at Christmas but our family has a little rule about how much we spend. I have 'special limits' for my Parents and Brother and Sister then Me and my siblings all buy gifts together for Cousins and Aunt and Uncles with a limit of £10.00 (as they do for us). We usually go over because for some reason we can never find anything good for just £10. Anyway thank goodness my sister was here to help we did it all in 1 day and all on the internet middle of November. That however was the easy ones to do Finding something for my parents is a struggle they have everything they want (apparently!!) My brother never knows what he wants!!! and my sister causes an all together different problem... there is too much I could get her. Not to mention boyfriends, Girlfriends, best friends and New Babies!!! It's a minefield of money. Believe it or not my favorite part of Christmas is the gift giving it always has been just like in the John Lewis advert (love it).

So cute!

Now I have to say I love to get gifts too (who doesn't) and these are a few things that I asked for this year.

Christmas wish list

*I love the shoes above are a bit of a fantasy wish and they are mega expensive and I know I will never be able to walk in them!*

Check out my Christmas tree very proud!

I make my Christmas cards every year too and these are what I went for this year.

And my pretty choice of Present wrapping this year Candy canes and handmade Pom poms!

During my blog break I have also been concentrating on trying to loose weight. I must admit apart from feeling fantastic in terms of how I was looking I really couldn't see much of a difference. I knew something was happening because my clothes felt like they fit better and I have found that  I am wearing dresses (with leggings) a hell of a lot more. I decided to take a picture of myself in a couple of outfits to see how it looked because I don't trust the mirror! (does anyone else do that), and was quite happy with what I saw. Then later that week while looking through my photos on facebook I realized that I have changed and you can see the difference in me a couple of stone lighter. Can you...?

Are you all looking forward to Christmas? Whats on your wish list?

What do you think of my text change you like it or should I go a bit plainer?

Sunday, September 04, 2011

A guide on staying Unhappy forever!

Hi everyone hope your all having a great weekend.

I constantly wonder why I feel unhappy some of the time I never actually realised I bought most of it on myself. Positive thinking and a good outlook on life is something I thought I had, but after reading the following post I realised that not only do I not have that but the only thing standing in the way of me being truly happy life is in fact ME! Check out the points bellow and count up how many of these points apply to you let me know and then think "how can I change it.

Dale Carnegie once said, “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.  It’s what you think about.”
I don’t think anyone could say it any better than that.  I’ve watched so many friends search tirelessly for happiness by changing jobs, moving to new cities, pursuing intimate relationships, and tweaking all sorts of other external factors in their lives.  And guess what?  They’re still unhappy.  Because they spend all of their time and money adding positive externals to their lives when their internals are still in the negatives.
So with that in mind, here are 75 ways to stay unhappy forever.  Of course, I would highly recommend you read each bullet point and then move swiftly in the opposite direction.
  1. Dwell on things that happened in the past. √
  2. Obsess yourself with all the things that might happen in the future. √
  3. Complain about problems instead of taking the necessary steps to resolve them.
  4. Fear change and resist it. √
  5. Work hard, do your best and then condemn yourself for not achieving perfection.
  6. Belittle yourself. √
  7. Hang out with other people who belittle you.
  8. Try to control everything and then worry about the things you can’t control. √
  9. Lie to yourself and those around you. √
  10. Keep doing the same thing over and over again. √
  11. Be lazy and follow the path of least resistance. √
  12. Hold onto anger.  Never forgive anyone.
  13. Always be right.  Never let anyone else be more right than you.
  14. Compare yourself unfavorably to those who you feel are more successful. √
  15. Let small issues snowball into big problems. 
  16. Never learn anything new. √
  17. Never take responsibility for your own actions.
  18. Blame everyone around you.
  19. Don’t ask for directions and don’t ask questions. √
  20. Don’t let anyone help you.
  21. Quit when the going gets tough.
  22. Be suspicious.  Trust no one. √
  23. Get four hours of sleep every night and convince yourself that it’s enough.
  24. Never throw anything way.  Even if you don’t use it, hold onto it. √
  25. Say “yes” to everyone.  Fill all your time with commitments.
  26. Try to be everyone’s friend. √
  27. Multitask, multitask, multitask!  Do everything at once. √
  28. Never spend any time alone.
  29. Don’t help others unless you have to.  Do only the things that benefit you directly.
  30. Hang out with people who complain about everything.
  31. Focus on what you don’t want to happen.
  32. Fear the things you don’t fully understand. √
  33. Always seek external validation before you consider yourself good enough. √
  34. Take everything and everyone in life seriously. √
  35. Spend your life working in a career field you aren’t passionate about.
  36. Focus on the problems. √
  37. Think about all the things you don’t have. √
  38. Read or watch lots of depressing news from broadcast media.
  39. Set lofty goals for yourself and never do anything to achieve them.
  40. Never exercise.
  41. Only eat junk food and fried food.
  42. Never check-up on your health.
  43. Setup your lifestyle so it revolves around money.
  44. Spend more than you earn and rack up lots of financial debt. √
  45. Don’t say what you mean.  Don’t mean what you say. √
  46. Frown. √
  47. Never tell anyone how you feel or what you’re thinking.
  48. Make sure everything you do impresses someone else.
  49. Always put your own needs on the back burner. √
  50. Get involved in other people problems and make them your own.
  51. Make others feel bad about themselves.
  52. Watch TV for several hours every day. √
  53. Gamble often.
  54. Stay in the same place.  Don’t travel. √
  55. Don’t play, just work.
  56. Let your hobbies go.
  57. Let your close relationships go.
  58. Never finish what you start. √
  59. Take everything personally. √
  60. Do lots of drugs.  Drink lots of alcohol.
  61. Never say, “I’m sorry.”  Never say, “I love you.” √
  62. Don’t work hard at anything. √
  63. Always wait until the last minute.
  64. Believe that, no matter what, you are entitled to things.
  65. Let others make decisions for you. √
  66. Remember the insults.  Forget the compliments. √
  67. Let it all bottle up inside. √
  68. Rely on others for everything.
  69. Fail to plan.
  70. Don’t dream.
  71. Don’t think about the future at all.
  72. Always disregard other people’s opinions and suggestions.
  73. Make promises you can’t keep.
  74. Don’t decide on anything, ever.
  75. Just keep going and going and going.  And never ever stop

I must WILL improve this!
What did you score?

Monday, August 29, 2011

100 Thing that make me Happy Part 7.....

Part 7 of the my Happy things series originally posted by Sophia over at  Sophia's Journal  this is August...


Going to see a Musical

Time Alone

Making Cards

Bonfire Night

Replies on Twitter


Ebay Bargains

Irregular Choice Shoes


What makes you happy?