Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cake Pops

I first saw cake pops at a wedding fair the other weekend and thought they were a brilliant idea so when I got home I Goggled them and found this website Bakerella and inspired me to have a go. So I decided to make them for My Friends Birthday. If you want to have a go here is what you do.

DSC06992WHAT YOU NEED - Chocolate cake mix, Chocolate Icing (Betty Crocker Frosting is best but you can make your own), Lolly pop sticks, White or Milk Chocolate for melting and decoration 100’s and 1000’s etc

First thing you do is make a sponge cake I did a chocolate one, once it’s cooked and cooled crumble it into a large bowl you can do this by rubbing two pieces of cake together or you can put it in a food processer.

 DSC06983 DSC06984DSC06985

Once you have the crumbs add half the pot of the frosting and with the back of a metal spoon combine. Once mixed together you will be able to roll into balls or other shapes if you prefer once moulded place on a baking tray and put into the fridge for 1 hour or freezer for 15 mins DO NOT LET THEM FREEZE.

DSC06986 DSC06987  DSC06988 DSC06989 DSC06991

While your cake balls are firming up melt the chocolate either in a microwave or in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water the bowl you melt your chocolate in needs to be quite deep so you can dunk the cake pops.Take a few balls out the fridge at a time (if you have them in a freezer take them out and put the in the fridge). Dip the end of a stick into the chocolate and then into a cake ball then dip the cake pop into the chocolate till it is completely covered. DON’T SWIRL IT ROUND just dunk it pull it out and let the excess drip off tap gently and decorate with sprinkles or leave to harden and decorate with more chocolate, if the balls are cold enough the chocolate should harden quite quickly.

 DSC06994 DSC06995 DSC06996 DSC06997 DSC06998 DSC06999DSC07000 Now just enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Up to You - Adele

adele_large I love this woman, she is Fantastic and her Performance at The Brits this week was Breathtaking, I just sat there with tears rolling down my face, so this inspired me to have a good old BIG UP TO YOU!

I fell in lone with her first album so when I found out her she was releasing a second on I pre-ordered it I waited and Waited and when I finally got it It did not Disappoint. 

Adele – 21 Album  Adele – 21 MP3


The BBC Radio 1 Live lounge special she did was just brilliant and she never fails to make any performance look and sound effortless, she will most defiantly be one of Music’s great Legend's (if she isn’t already)

I really love her Classic and simple style she lets the music do the talking  and she is totally Beautiful with an endearing Cockney twang, very down to earth and only 21 I wish her continued Happiness and success.             ( can you tell I think she’s awesome!)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fancy Nails

I have always wanted to try out nail foils but all seem quite a lot of money  and I was not sure if I would like them. I found some called Nail Rock on ASOS but are a little more than I wanted to pay if i don’t like them. So when i found some in Primark for only £3.00 I had to try them. They come with full written and picture instruction and are super easy to use Peel off, cut to size, rub down (using a hairdryer really helps too) They come in 3 designs Leopard print, spot and the one I tried Silver sculls.
DSC06978DSC06982Once the foils have been applied you can file the to make them a little smoother otherwise they snag on your 3 photo 1DSC06977  DSC06979    
They lasted for 3 Days but only cause I took them off (I like change) they would last a lot longer. My overall opinion is they are a brilliant buy really fun for a night out and the best part is they don’t break the bank.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Car Accident!

Well I had a very Eventful day yesterday, My first Saturday off in 3 weeks I had it all planned, My sister and me were going to look for some Wedding decorations and then off to see my Gran. But on the way We had a Car crash. The back wheels skid on a white line as we were driving up a steep hill, my sister (who was driving) tried to correct it  but the car spun round 360 hitting a wall in the process. This was officially My first ever car crash.
An ambulance was called to check us over and while I only had minor cuts and bruises from the seatbelt they thought that my sister Jennie had broken her wrist and thumb when the airbag had exploded so took us to hospital. Another first a ride in an Ambulance. (BTW her wrist wasn’t broken just bruised and burnt).
When we got home this is we were faced with…

tn (4)  
tn (3)

And when I checked my bruises this is what I found….

I also hurt my ankle, I’m not sure if it was in the crash or the rush to get out the car it all happened so fast.
The good thing is we are both Ok just feeling really sore not something I ever want to repeat.

Friday, February 04, 2011

And The Winner Is….

Congratulations to Courtney of Loving the Reflection you Won My very First Giveaway
I will contact you shortly
courtney comp entry
DSC06924 DSC06926 .
Can I just say a Huge Big THANK YOU to everyone who took part It really means a lot. I have another Giveaway planned to celebrate my birthday in March so keep checking Back.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Healthy Snacks…

I wanted to tell everybody about this New thing I have been doing. I started just before Christmas because of a recommendation from Stephanie off of Buttons, Bows and Brogues I tried Graze, It’s fabulous You choose what you like and what you don’t like from a wide range of snacks what you like they package it up and send it right to you door, or if your like me to Work.
box-on-grass box
I have mine delivered on a Tuesday and it lasts me the rest of the week BRILLIANT!!!
If you fancy giving it a go you can use this Code    M7QHJQN       for a FREE trial at
Thanks Stephanie x