Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Up to You - Adele

adele_large I love this woman, she is Fantastic and her Performance at The Brits this week was Breathtaking, I just sat there with tears rolling down my face, so this inspired me to have a good old BIG UP TO YOU!

I fell in lone with her first album so when I found out her she was releasing a second on I pre-ordered it I waited and Waited and when I finally got it It did not Disappoint. 

Adele – 21 Album  Adele – 21 MP3


The BBC Radio 1 Live lounge special she did was just brilliant and she never fails to make any performance look and sound effortless, she will most defiantly be one of Music’s great Legend's (if she isn’t already)

I really love her Classic and simple style she lets the music do the talking  and she is totally Beautiful with an endearing Cockney twang, very down to earth and only 21 I wish her continued Happiness and success.             ( can you tell I think she’s awesome!)



  1. Adele's performance at the Brits was very good wasn't it. Thanks for posting this, so we can all watch it again. That makes you a very loyal and keen fan, pre-ordering an album. A beautiful song: 'Someone like you' isn't it.