Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Car Accident!

Well I had a very Eventful day yesterday, My first Saturday off in 3 weeks I had it all planned, My sister and me were going to look for some Wedding decorations and then off to see my Gran. But on the way We had a Car crash. The back wheels skid on a white line as we were driving up a steep hill, my sister (who was driving) tried to correct it  but the car spun round 360 hitting a wall in the process. This was officially My first ever car crash.
An ambulance was called to check us over and while I only had minor cuts and bruises from the seatbelt they thought that my sister Jennie had broken her wrist and thumb when the airbag had exploded so took us to hospital. Another first a ride in an Ambulance. (BTW her wrist wasn’t broken just bruised and burnt).
When we got home this is we were faced with…

tn (4)  
tn (3)

And when I checked my bruises this is what I found….

I also hurt my ankle, I’m not sure if it was in the crash or the rush to get out the car it all happened so fast.
The good thing is we are both Ok just feeling really sore not something I ever want to repeat.


  1. YyyyOUCH! You look sore. I'm glad you're both ok though.
    Is your sister planning on getting a new car?

  2. I am sorry to hear about all this. You have some nasty bruises there! :( No doubt this has shaken you all up. You take it easy and relax.

    With your blog title, I thought you were going to blog about a new good or exciting first experience. Something fun you have done.