Friday, March 25, 2011

Pre Birthday Shopping Trip

On Monday I decided to take a day off work and go and treat myself to a little pre birthday shopping trip at The Bullring in Birmingham. I had a brilliant day just wondering around I didn't go to buy anything in particular as you can see I just got it if I fancied it. I love the Bullring the only problems the lack of plus sized shopping. apart from the Brilliant New and HUGE forever 21 there is nowhere the have both H&M and New Look but neither stock there plus size ranges so I only go to buy jewellery and bags really but it's fun. I also discover a brilliant place to eat called EAT you should try it it was really good 
So what did I get check it out...

My Loot and look Runts I didn't think they made them anymore!
This is the Forever 21 Dress I bought I love it now I just can't wait for summer to come.

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