Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Before I’m 30!!

I have recently read a lot of Blogs with ‘got to Do lists’ in many different forms, and as My previous idea to celebrate the last few years of my 20’s (take a picture everyday for a year) has already failed I decided to do as some of my fellow bloggers such as Nicole at Making it Lovely, Alycia at The Curious Pug , 2 Slicks Good Times and Sofia at Sofia's Journal and compose a list of things I would like to achieve before I am 30. They are not Life Changing tasks they are do-able and will help to improve my life.
  1. Get down to a size 16/18.
  2. Go to London again and see a show.
  3. Sell some of my Handmade Jewellery and Phone cases maybe a website!!!
  4. Meet a Nice Guy!
  5. Get another Tattoo.
  6. Do the 5k Race for Life For my Grampy.
  7. Complete my photo wall I have the frames all I need is the Pictures.
  8. Stay awake for 24 hours I’ve never done it, not sure I can!!
  9. Go Camping.
  10. Go to a Comedy show
  11. Watch the Complete collection of 24
  12. Pay at least Half my credit card (all of it is unrealistic)
  13. Have a Herb Garden (and keep it alive)
  14. Go to Ireland.
  15. Cook more Cakes :)
  16. Go to the Natural History Museum in London.
  17. Save up for some wicked Knee High Boots.
  18. Read all the Harry Potter Books.
  19. Have a Fish Foot Treatment, Manicure and Pedicure (I've never had them before) 
  20. Make more Photo Books.
  21. Get rid of all the Clutter in my Bedroom.
  22. Have more BBQ’s and spend more time Outdoors ( Beer gardens Count!!!)
  23. Visit my Cousin in Bristol when his baby is born.
  24. Condense my 2 wardrobes down to 1!!!
  25. Go to Restaurants More.
  26. Get Fitter.
  27. Wear Dresses more!
  28. Get my Sister and her Fiancé something Brilliant for their Wedding. (IDEAS WELCOME)
  29. Save money and don’t spent on pointless stuff.
  30. Sort out all my stuff in the Loft/ make a memory box.
If you have a list doing the same or something similar let me know and I’ll link it :)

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