Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something I've been meaning to tell you...

So second post of the day, who can tell Sunday has been a very slow day for me?
On to business, this is not something I ever wanted to talk about on my blog but it has become a big! part of my life and I feel like I need to talk about it.

WEIGHT and in particular Diets. I have lost count of how many years and different diets I've been on. The one I started In January this year is different, I have more reason than ever to make this one successful. This is because I have a Goal, something to aim at, My Sisters Wedding in June 2012.
My Best friend is helping me we're doing a pound for pound thing, we pay a £1 a week and £1 per 1lb we loose the money can then be used to buy new clothes. Support has always been a big key in success I haven't really had much in the past but with my bestie on hand I can't fail, can I?
 I'm maid of honour to my Sister and don't want to look back at wedding photos in years to come and think 'what the Fuck do you look like'.
Now I know I'm never going be skinny I just want to look like an average sized woman. This sounds a bit silly but I want to be able to buy clothes from Primark, Plus sized fashion has come on leaps and bounds and is better than ever but it is still expensive
But above all I that want to be healthy. I have already noticed a difference in my health from his time last year, I used to feel ill all the time Aches, pains stomach upsets all the time not a day went by when I didn't feel some discomfort or pain but I have already noticed a difference in that just by changing the way I eat.
Since January I have lost 1 stone this is good but not good enough not when you have a deadline. I'm currently a size 24 (sometimes 26) and although the size never really worries me it's more what it looks like for me. I want to be a healthy weight and I'm far from that. I haven't done a huge amount of exercise it was always my plan but Since my car accident in February  I've been worried about hurting my ankle again. Monday this changes. Early morning workouts so I can feel smug the rest of the day. I also use this great website My Fitness Pal for keeping an eye on calorie in take If you join be sure to add me a friend.(skinally)

You may be thinking 'why tell us about this now' well I'm telling you for completely selfish reasons, I'm telling in the hope you can give me a little extra support and encouragement because I found that this works best for me, the more people I let down for not doing it the worse I feel so the harder work. So I shall post monthly updates perhaps with a picture and if you can check in on me every so often I would love you to let me know how you think I'm doing I would be so great full.

Well that didn't feel so hard, I actually feel a lot better for getting it off my chest, I know it's not a deep dark secret or anything but talking about weight and everything that surrounds it is something I hate so Thanks for listening. Wish me Luck xxx


  1. Best of luck hunnie, hopefully doing it along with your friend will give you a little extra encouragement.

    Looking forward to reading your updates.

    Sadie xx

  2. Good luck Sarah! I like the idea of the ound for a pound lost thing. I totally don't have motivation to train though. I have an healthy weight, but want to stay that way. I do rollerblading a few times a week...

    Keep up the good work!

  3. good luck >u< you will be able to do it and i also like the pay a £1 a week and £1 per 1lb lost nice idea ^___^

  4. Glad you shared bb! Like you, I started another diet earlier this year but it feels different this time. I'm more focused on healthy eating & exercise than I am on cutting everything out & then binging on crap the day I've been weighed! I've slowly cut so much out of my diet but rather than feel like I'm missing out, it's habit now & I feel so much better on the outside but more importantly on the inside. I'm the same size as you and one of my main goals is to be able to shop in all highstreet stores, not just a couple.

    I know you can do this bb & if you ever want to ramble on about weight loss, I'm here! I look forward to your update posts :)

  5. Wishing you the best of luck Sarah!

    You can do it! Losing a stone since January is amazing! :) well done!

    I find sharing my weekly results with people on twitter helps a lot as you get such wonderful support on there too! xx

  6. Oh, I hear ya! I started working out in Jan as well, and since then I've lost a total of....8 pounds hahahaha. It sucks! But I just had to realize that my body doesn't work like everyone elses. Good luck, I love the pound for pound idea. I am so bad at not spending money that I save though :(

  7. Good luck Sarah! I'm in the same boat but only have until Sept to lose some weight - eeeeeek!!!

    I found Weight Watchers was brilliant at reeducating myself with food so perhaps give it a go?