Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Week in Eats Week 2


Thank you for the kind comments about this new feature, It’s been very helpful sorting out my portion control.I have found over the last week I have actually been feeling Hungry, do you ever say when your late for lunch “ I’m starving ” I know I have I never mean it in fact it’s only this week that I have realised this. I just didn’t know how it felt to be hungry, now I do if I'm late for my lunch or my mid morning snack I get a empty pain in my stomach it’s kind of great knowing that my body is responding to my new way of eating and the fact I’m eating less I feel satisfied.

                         Monday Breakfast                                                     Tuesday Dinner

 mon 11 Btues 2 D

                       Wednesday Lunch                                                      Thursday Breakfast

wed 13 l tues 12 wed 13 thurs14 fri15 sat16 B

                          Friday Dinner                                                             Saturday Lunch

fri15d sat 16 l

                         Sunday Dinner                                                         This weeks Graze Box

  sun 17 d Graze box 2

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