Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Week in Eats!

In a bid to keep up with my Healthy eating regime I have decided taking inspiration from Laura over at Lollipop Loves and her What I ate Wednesday’s  weekly post, to start  my own new weekly feature  giving you all a snippet of what I eat throughout the week. In doing this I have discovered my portion control is way off and and in the coming week will try to reduce it.

mon 27 btues 28 dwed 29 l

Monday Breakfast                               Tuesday Dinner                               Wednesday Lunch

thurs 30 dfri 1 d      sun 3 l Thursday Dinner                                Friday Dinner                                         Saturday Lunch sun 3 s                                                                            Sunday Snack


Graze box 1

What did you eat this week?


  1. ooh I might have to do this! :) Thursday and Friday's dinners look yummy!!

  2. Who doesn't love posts about food!?!? It's oddly addicting to know what other people eat! Hahaha :)

    Just found your blog & we're new "followers." We'd love for you to visit our blog sometime!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I love food posts! Tuesday & Thursday's dinners look lush!

    I'm quite tempted to give the graze box another go! xx

  4. Heya, its Gemma from Where Are My Knees, thanks for pledging, good luck!