Monday, August 29, 2011

100 Thing that make me Happy Part 7.....

Part 7 of the my Happy things series originally posted by Sophia over at  Sophia's Journal  this is August...


Going to see a Musical

Time Alone

Making Cards

Bonfire Night

Replies on Twitter


Ebay Bargains

Irregular Choice Shoes


What makes you happy?

100 Thing that make me Happy Part 6.....

Oops I've missed 2 months worth of Happy things sorry here is July ...
 Part 6

Best Friend

Getting My Hair Done

Toys from My Childhood

Sound of the Sea

 Mad Nights Out (few and far between now)

 My iPod


Heat Magazine

My Laptop 

(some people think Facebook games are sad I thinks they're fun!)

What makes you happy?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Primarni Splurge

I was only taking something back.... But you have to look don't you, you can't not.
So I did and I bought a few things check them out...

Tan coloured Sheer oversize shirt £12.00


 Oversized rings all £2.50

Tooth Necklace £2.00 and matching earrings £2.00

Massive Owl necklace £5.00 (Actual size)

 I have decided to call this a treat to me, I had a consultation at the Birmingham Dental Hospital yesterday. I have been having some problems with swelling around one of my teeth and after a lot of poking, prodding and X-rays they told me I have an infection in my jaw bone. I have to have an Apicoectomy  Click here for explanation  DO NOT SEARCH GOOGLE IMAGES IT'S GROSS!!!! I'll let you know when I'm going in it goes without saying I'm not looking forward to it.
Have any of you had this done what's it like?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's in my Bag!!!

Sorry I've been a bad blogger.
I have recently seen a few 'what's in my bag' posts and thought I would share mine. I am notoriously bad at caring around far too much stuff and this day was no exception I had been to the Hairdressers so took along a snack and my kindle which is not normally with me. So take a look and leave me a comment with your in my bag posts.

My Bag £9.00 from Primark

The contents of My Bag

My Amazon Kindle and Free sun glasses from Bourjois

My Beloved iPod and iPhone can't go anywhere without these babies.

Hairbrush and band, Keys and Hand cream which is very good you get an instant softening effect

Make-up essentials Miss Manicure Nail file and New Dove Lip Balm which is brilliant Bag fro Primark.

Shop Keys and Diary

Camera (not real as I was using it!!!) and my Various USB sticks bag from Cath Kidson

Newly required Glasses for reading :(

Purse £4.00 from Primark.

Yummy snack.

How it all fits.

So what do you think?