Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Back.....

Hello sorry it's been a while I decided to give myself a much needed break, Lots of stuff has been going on in my life and I really wanted to just concentrate on that. so i'm afraid you have all been abandoned. But i'm back and have decided to ease the pressure on myself and will now be posting when I a) want to and b) have something interesting to say. That way we won't get board.
So I would like to start by wishing everyone Seasons Greetings.

I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping which was no mean feat. I don't know how other people go through the process of buying gifts at Christmas but our family has a little rule about how much we spend. I have 'special limits' for my Parents and Brother and Sister then Me and my siblings all buy gifts together for Cousins and Aunt and Uncles with a limit of £10.00 (as they do for us). We usually go over because for some reason we can never find anything good for just £10. Anyway thank goodness my sister was here to help we did it all in 1 day and all on the internet middle of November. That however was the easy ones to do Finding something for my parents is a struggle they have everything they want (apparently!!) My brother never knows what he wants!!! and my sister causes an all together different problem... there is too much I could get her. Not to mention boyfriends, Girlfriends, best friends and New Babies!!! It's a minefield of money. Believe it or not my favorite part of Christmas is the gift giving it always has been just like in the John Lewis advert (love it).

So cute!

Now I have to say I love to get gifts too (who doesn't) and these are a few things that I asked for this year.

Christmas wish list

*I love the shoes above are a bit of a fantasy wish and they are mega expensive and I know I will never be able to walk in them!*

Check out my Christmas tree very proud!

I make my Christmas cards every year too and these are what I went for this year.

And my pretty choice of Present wrapping this year Candy canes and handmade Pom poms!

During my blog break I have also been concentrating on trying to loose weight. I must admit apart from feeling fantastic in terms of how I was looking I really couldn't see much of a difference. I knew something was happening because my clothes felt like they fit better and I have found that  I am wearing dresses (with leggings) a hell of a lot more. I decided to take a picture of myself in a couple of outfits to see how it looked because I don't trust the mirror! (does anyone else do that), and was quite happy with what I saw. Then later that week while looking through my photos on facebook I realized that I have changed and you can see the difference in me a couple of stone lighter. Can you...?

Are you all looking forward to Christmas? Whats on your wish list?

What do you think of my text change you like it or should I go a bit plainer?

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