Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fears and Phobias!

I want to talk about my fears, phobias. I have the usual not keen on heights, spiders and mice make me feel physically sick, but my biggest fear of walking down the stairs or really falling down them. Without exception no matter how small or large the flight of stairs are I imagine myself falling down them.
 In fact the image in my head is twisting my ankle as I step and then falling.
I have had issues with stairs in the past, as a 5/6  year old My sister and me were playing on our stairs at home jumping up and down them when my sister pushed me and I fell head first through the Glass front door smashing it with my head I still have the scars today.

Just after the Accident


I have had a few tumbles since then, I am fairly unsteady on my feet at the best of times I don't think I have ever gone more than 6 months without falling a damaging something ( and it's not always alcohol fueled ) I think what bought the fear to the surface was, a few years ago I fell about 4 or 5 steps from the bottom but I was home alone and very scared I didn't do much damage but shook myself up. As I write this It seems so silly but it's very real I avoid stairs when i'm out, choosing to take the lift or escalator (which I will NEVER walk down) where possible.Funnily enough I have no problem walking up stairs and I've fallen up the more times than I care to remember.

Have you any Fears or Phobias?

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