Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stuff

Sorry I've not been around too much I have been suffering with a really bad cold that I just don't seen to be able to shake. I also came down with a bad allergic reaction to a bite the covered the hole of my body excluding my face yay! and weirdly below my knees. So I have be faced with covering my body with cream 3 times a day and it did not smell good let me tell you. Anyway I think I'm back on track. I hope you all had a good Easter mine was as above and chocolate free :( good for the diet bad for everything else. 
I wanna tell you about some new stuff I have discovered recently. First of all though the generosity of all my family and friends for my Birthday I was able to buy myself an iPad. I battled myself with this one as I don't really need one I don't actually think anyone really needs one but I WANTED one and as I could never justify paying for one with my own money I decided to ask for it as a collective birthday gift, and as it turns out my F&F really wanted me to have one too I'm and extremely lucky girl. So I just wanna say a HUGE

I have also discovered a couple of new blogs and corresponding YouTube channels I literally spent the whole of Easter watching Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella. These two girls became friends through blogging and make some brilliant videos together I love them.

Check them out you'll love um.

I also just received my Beauty Blender  in the post I will be doing a review of it once I have given it a got I'll let you know how I get on. I must admit I have high hopes.