Monday, June 25, 2012

Mixed Emotions

I never really knew the meaning of Mixed emotions until late May. As some of you may know My Sister was getting married this month I have helped plan the wedding and was also one of her Bridesmaid's. Our family and friends were all looking forward to it and we have been planning for the last 18 months. So when my Gran was taken ill and had to go to hospital in late May we all feared she wouldn't be able to come.
This is a brief history on my Gran.

When it comes to illness she has suffered more than her fair share  she had Rheumatoid Arthritis, a knee and elbow replacement, she suffered a heart attack she broke her right arm and just over a year after that fell and broke both arms and right shoulder after that her physical heath just got worse as she became fearful of falling again he mobility suffered and she became wheelchair bound but though all this she was still strong minded and with it. That was until in May 2010 when my beloved Grampy died after a sudden illness he was fighting Lung cancer and seemed to be doing well so this was a shock to us all non more than my Gran who in my opinion was never the same.As my Gramp took care of her my Mum, Aunt and Uncle made the heartbreaking decision to  send her to a care home. Since my Gramps death she has had various trips to hospital but this was the worse and Doctors informed us she would not get better so we had a heartbreaking visit to say our goodbyes and 8 agonising days later on Thursday 7th June 2012 my Gran joined my Gramp in Heaven  approx 36 hours before my sisters wedding.

The Wedding could not have gone any better it was a magical day we all for this one day put aside our sad feelings to make this wedding day the happiest day of Jennie and Alan's life and I think it really was. Alan looked very handsome and Jennie looked absolutely breathtaking and for the first time in over a week the sun was out and shining down on all of us and we credit Our dear Grandparents for that just their way of letting us know they were there.
Since the wedding we have suffered various other sadnesses and set backs we are just hoping for some good news in the future and looking forward to a engagement party and wedding later in the year.

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  1. very sorry to hear about your gran, she looked like a lovely jolly woman who lived life to the full! I know how you feel, I have lived with my gran all my life and was so close to her, we've had our fair share of health scares with her but she always soldiered on. She had an incredible life but was taken after suffering from a serious stroke for 10 days in hospital. God is looking after her now and she is with her lost loved ones from ww2 and beyond. Your gran will be in a lovely place now with your Grandad, all my love xoxoxo