Monday, June 25, 2012

The Wedding

This warrants a post of it's own...

The Wedding of
 Jennifer Clare Kinally to Alan Wyatt 
Saturday 9th June 2012 

Mr & Mrs Wyatt

Jennie looking fabulous the Dress colour was called Feather Grey but it looked almost Mink beautiful. 

My parents Mother and Father of the Bride

Me My dress was custom made to what Jennie and I wanted and My Mum made all our Jewellery 

Me and Louise Jennies Best Friend and other Bridesmaid

We had a bus on my Dads request to transport the guests from church to reception with a stop over at a park for some pictures

My Brother and Usher Tom and his Girlfriend Vicki

My Family 

The Wedding Cake made by My Mum it actually had 4 tiers but it was cut up for the toast

My Cousin Lindsey, Mum and I mad her bouquet which was made from brooches it was very heavy and it had lockets attached which a photos of both sets of our Grandparents who are no longer with us.

The wedding was full a quirks from the big red London bus to the Fish and Chips wedding breakfast and because of Jennies distaste of Champagne we had Lambrini to toast the speech. The tables we named after Jennie and Alan's love of Michael Bolton songs and he was played throughout the meal. The Buffet was a giant ploughman's lunch with a 'Cheese' Cake.

It was a fantastic day and everyone have a brilliant time the only problem I have now is I no longer have anything to plan! 

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