Thursday, August 02, 2012

10 Day You Challenge - SEVEN


1)   My Home Town, I love it i don't think I would live anywhere else. I'm close to Birmingham a nice city centre and also nice calm countryside.

2)   Portugal, This was Me and My Family's last BIG holiday together and we went there with my late Grandparents. It was epic we had a huge Villa with private Pool and we were close enough to the town Caveira to walk. We are going there again as our new Family next year the first time we have been aboard in about 15 Years.   

3)   My Bedroom it has all my favorite things around me lots of pictures of family and friends and little trinkets that mean so much to me.

4)   Olu DeNiz Turkey This was my first holiday aboard in about 10 years I have been twice now the first time was 3 years ago and I went with My brother Sister and Brother-in-Law. I was Brilliant.

5)   London, I love it when i go to London I've been about 4 times now and there is still loads I haven't seen. I think another trip is in order once the Olympics Hoo ha is over.

6)   The Cinema I love going to the cinema and I recent years I have been going alone, don't feel sorry for me though, not everyone wants to see the same type of film as I do and I don't see why i should miss out!!!

7)   My Kitchen I LOVE to cook and baking in particular This post explains that it is my dream to own my own bakery one day.

If you want to play along with my rules just copy the graphic below (please link back to this blog if you do) to use on your post and do each numbered list every day for 10 days. 
Let me know in the comments if you do try this out! 

Laters XXX

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