Saturday, August 04, 2012

10 day You Challenge - SIX


1)   A Little cheat as it is more than one person but, My Beloved Grandparents. I lost them both recently, My Grampy 2 years ago and My Gran in June and although it was only a couple of months ago I felt like i lost my Gran the same time as my Gramp, She was never really the same person I don't think she could live without him. That's True True Love.♥

2)   My Sister Jennie not just a Sister but My Best Friend I love her lots we still argue occasionally but thats what sibling do.

3)   Rhiain My Best friend I have known her since 1993, she started late at secondary school but she was almost instantly part of our group of friends. As we have gotten older relationships have strained and broken and we two are the last ones standing. She can be a bit stubborn at times but she is very smart, fun and loving and I have found over the years we have more and more in common, I trust her completely. She has supported me through some tough times recently even though she doesn't know it.

4)   Meryl Streep I am a huge fan in my opinion she is the best actress ever I have seen every movie she has made and there is not one I didn't like.

5)   My fellow Bloogers and Vloggers I follow loads of you and although you don't know me I would like you to know that you have inspired me and given me tons of the Confidence I needed.

6)   Celebrities, another cheat. I find certain celebs inspiring and look up to them so i wanted to list a few of my favorites. Davina McCall, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Lilly Allen, Adele, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Meryl Streep and The Royal Family in particular Princess Diana.

If you want to play along with my rules just copy the graphic below (please link back to this blog if you do) to use on your post and do each numbered list every day for 10 days. 
Let me know in the comments if you do try this out! 

Laters XXX 

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