Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas A Little Different!

I wanted to share with you what my Christmas was like and how this year it will be a little different. 
 For as long as I can remember Christmas has gone like this....
Christmas Eve is spent travelling to friends houses to drop off and collect presents to have a drink and a little review the year we would visit my Dads friends Kev and Di and there son Lee first and then Neil and Karren and their kids. After the Little catch up we would he'd over to my Aunite Kath and Uncle Jeff's to finish the night off in style with a festive Buffet and lots of drinkies My Grandparents would come and so would my other Uncle and all us kids would be there playing with Lego and Kerplunk while the adults play Trivial Pursuit as we have all grown up there have been a few extra people added boyfriends and spouses and now we all play Trivial Pursuit. Then with cars packed full of presents we go off home usually in the early hours of the morning. As kids before we were put to bed we set out our glass of milk and mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolf we were tucked in and told to wait for Santa. Which is what we did (what I still do!!!) In the morning we gather in the living room with a fully stocked Christmas tree and open presents one by one watching what everyone else gets, now I look at everyone's face to see if the like the gift I have lovingly bought and wrapped for them.

 Once all the presents are unwrapped Mum would start the Lunch while we play with out new Toys now me and my sister help out and ease her stress. We sit down around 1-2pm and stuff our self silly the veg out in front of a movie in the afternoon. around 6pm we would get our party frocks on (often made for us by Gran when we were little) and Head over with the rest of the family (like Christmas Eve) to my Grandparents house for more food party games toy comparisons and Trees presents!!

Boxing Day was probably my favorite day My grandparents and Uncle Neil Cousin Lily and his (then) wife would all come for our second Christmas lunch but this one is a 3 course beast of a lunch. We would all sit on a massive table pull crackers and chat as families do right up until the evening where my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins would come over for a family fest for a third Time in a row.

I used to love this type of Christmas I love spending time with my family but as we have grown up and our family has gotten bigger things are bound to change, and now that Christmas is totally unrecognizable  It' only after sitting here (having my hair done in the hairdressers) that I realize how crazy mad that was, and now we have new families new traditions must evolve.
Two years ago my Gramp died changing Christmas as I knew it forever and this year it changes again as it will be our first without my Gran who died in June it has changed so much our family will only be seeing each other this Sunday for a meal and then we are on our own we will be doing a very small Christmas Day at Mom and Dads with My Sister and her Husband and My Brother for lunch and then on the evening we will be going to My Sisters House as she lives just up the road where my brothers Girlfriend will join us along with my Sisters In Laws. Boxing day we all go down the pub now and usually finish back at Mom and Dads for cold turkey and chips.

Do you have any Family traditions? What is Christmas like for you?

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