Friday, January 25, 2013

30 Day Disney Challenge (in one post)

If you have followed me for a while you will probably know that I'm a big Disney fan so what better to do than a Disney related post. So on my search for a few ideas on what I could, do I came across This 30 Day Challenge (questions at the bottom of the post). I thought it was perfect but didn't want to drag it out across 30 day so I have put it into to one whole post.   

10) Favorite Song

11) Favorite Love Song

12) Favorite Villain Song

13) Least Favorite Song

If you want to take part in this Challenge I tag you all here are the questions.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara

This mascara is possibly THE BEST mascara EVER. It is defiantly the best I have ever used at this point. I first decided to try this in March 2012 after seeing loads of adverts in magazines and in shops etc and it was a big risk as it has a price tag of £18.50 and for a 8.5g tube of eye goop that seems a lot but I was encouraged by the "UK's No.1 Best Selling Mascara" tag line and gave in in a moment of flush madness, and I am oh so glad I did!

This stuff is amazing, I am fairly lucky when it comes to eyelashes They are quite long but unless 'dressed' properly they can be missed. I have tried loads of mascara's in the past you could call me a bit of a mascara whore and the many I have tried have been all different brands and have all different price tags, before this one came into my life I was using(and loving) Rimmels waterproof mascara (the blue tube) £4.99 ( which I cant seen to find) and I also dabbled with Diors DIORSHOW backstage £23.00 which was good but over priced in my opinion and having tried Benefit no where near as good.

No Mascara

They're Real has a rubber brush which is the type of mascara brush I prefer as I tend to get fewer clumps and it has a spiky end too so you can get right into the corners, I find one coat is good for me but you could get away with 2 or 3 for a really bold look.
My top tip which I actually got from a make-up artist called Chloe McCall who did mine and my sisters make-up for her wedding last year is use a tiny disposable mascara brush ( which she used for hygiene) but it really coats and separates your lashes making them look longer and fuller. I got some from ebay 25 for under £5 you can use them a few time before throwing them away.
So Benefit They're Real defiantly a 5 star product for me I really can't see anything beating it the £18 price tag is a little high but worth it.

                  Left Eye has no Mascara         Right Eye has They're Real Mascara

Both eyes with Benefit They're Real

What is you favourite Mascara? 
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Make-up Favorites :)

This post is a little late in coming I'm sorry I have been in bed for 4 days with a Migraine mixed with another bad bout of Flu which I'm still fighting as we speak.
I had decided not to post this as I have seen so many other people do them but I changed my mind as a post about Make-up (as much as I love it) is not something I do very often if ever.
So I thought I should start and where better than with my favorites/used the most products of 2012. ( I was gonna take my own photos but due being ill website images will have to do otherwise it'll be renamed 2013 products!!)

Primer - Collection 2000 Primed and Ready £5.00
I really liked this it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy like some others and I really do think it helps my make-up stay in place longer, I feel like it gave me a very smooth surface for my foundation. Best primer I've tried for a while price tag is not too bad either.

This stuff is brilliant it covers all my spots an blemishes perfectly in fact I use a little of this all over my face before my foundation as I have very rosy cheeks it tones them down and it lasts all day the only down side is the under eye coverage could be better but I do have particularly bad dark circles so I struggle to find anything to work.( suggestions very welcome).

I have tried lots of Different foundations over the past year and I haven't liked any of them nearly as much as I like this one. Like the concealer this one lasts all day without having to apply more and I also only need to use the tiniest amount less than a full pump it blends really well and has a pretty medium coverage but is build-able so on days when my skin is awful I know I'm sorted I started using it in September /October time and have used it everyday ( pretty much ) and I'm still on my first bottle the price is really good too.

This year was the first year that I started to use Bronzer * pauses for shock* yes I know but in my younger year I have a bad experience a have not bothered since but after watching countless tutorials I felt educated enough to give it another go and I'm glad I did as I love the effect and the shape it gives to my face. I have tried many different bronzes and as I'm sure you'll guess this one was my fave no particular reason it just suits me well I also got it free as part of a magazine subscription I had to research the price ( not sure I would pay £19.50) may try a few others first.

I Love this I love the colour I love the feel of it it is wonderful, what isn't wonderful is the fact that they don't make this colour anymore the price is slightly off putting too but I use this almost every day and I bought it beginning of 2011 and its still going although I'm not far off hitting pan.

Brows - HD brows palette £18.95
I love this only because the one colour matches brilliantly and I got it in a Glossy Box so it cost a fraction of the price I won't however but it again as its a waste of money the other 3 colours I don't use at all. Before HD brows I just used a brown eyeshadow which is what I will be doing when this has run out. Great product just over priced in my opinion.
When it comes to my eyes I like to keep it natural and this palette along with the first one allows me to do that but with a little shimmer if I like. I have no bad words to say about it even the price is not too bad if you think about all the gorgeous colours you get. I actually only paid £ 20.00 for mine from ebay brand and unopened brilliant.

I love this it's smooth and doesn't pull on my eye it blends out pretty well too which I like as i dont alway want a harsh linenwhat more can you ask for.
I like this product a lot the kind of make-up look I go for is all about the eyes and I want to make them look as big as possible, and eye bright does that for me. I've tried white eyeliners before but they are a little harsh, Eye bright is a very pale pink giving a more subtle look.
I love this stuff and I have done a review as I thought it deserved a post all of its own you can find it here!

I only started to used this in December but I already think its pretty good. I have had a problem with my right eye for some time now which makes it water quite a lot and I was finding that normal mascara tend to come off on my under eye so I decided to try this and although its no water proof I have found a great improvement but not only that my bottom lashes look brilliant they look loads longer and fuller. It is defiantly worth a try if you have problems like me or even if you don't and just wanna make more of your bottom!

Highlighter - Estèe Lauder Special Edition Marbelized Shimmer powder Guilded Rose £22.00
I love this Highlighter but it's pointless me going on about it as they no longer make it anymore which is pretty gutting so I will be on a mission to find something equally as good.

Brushes - Real Techniques
I have changed all my brushes to real techniques I love them I love how my make-up look when I use them I don't have a bad word to say I only have 2 more to buy to complete my collection as my lovely Mum and Dad bought me some for for Christmas I can't rate them high enough.
You will probably have noticed I don't have a favorite Lip product that's because I don't like lips sticks or lip gloss in fact the only thing I do wear on my lips is Lip balm and I am constantly trying new ones so I found it too hard to choose one.

So that's it my 2012 Favorites, what were you make-up faves of last year?
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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello 2013

Have you made Resolutions this year? What are they?

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