Thursday, February 07, 2013

Nail Varnish Haul

I have a confession to make..... I Love Nail Varnish!..  it never used to be that way, that's because I used to bite my nails. Now I don't (much!) I love it when I have long nails, they don't even need to be long just nice to look at. I also used to be an absolute nail colour phobe  the only colour I would wear was black other wise they would have a french manicure look, now that has all changed, now I have too much nail varnish making it quite impossible to choose a colour to wear.
I have many favourite brands but one of my best is Nails inc, their colour's are amazing and coverage brilliant I have been a fan of theirs for about 2 years now. One of my most recent brands that I'm loving is Essie.
 I LOVE the formula it's great for single coat coverage. The only one problem I have with these brands is the price, don't get me wrong for the quality you get I don't mind paying but I know I would have more they were a little lower. 
So with that in mind I was thrilled to find out that Nails Inc were doing their fabulous Lucky Dip offer I have had them in the past and been thrilled with what I got .The offer is 6 full size nail polishes for £15.00 and when a single Nail polish originally retails at £11.00 each you are getting a fabulous Bargain that's £2.50 per bottle (that's cheaper than Barry M!)  you can't not buy them at that price.
 So I bought some!
Nails Inc Lucky Dip 6 for £15.00

Now I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that this pick of colour's was brilliant  if I was picking them myself then I would have only picked 2 of the colour's (Greenwich Park and Fenchurch Street ) but having said that I do like the others and have already used Clifford Street. I also kinda like the fact I will now be forced to try something new, which lets face it can't be a bad thing! 
I'm undecided if I like the fact that all but one of the polishes I got are discontinued colour's on one hand I like it because I wouldn't have been able to buy them in a normal situation, but on the other hand if I really like them and I run out I won't be able to get them again. I guess it's all snakes and ladders but at the end of the day you defiantly can't argue on the price of the offer. 

282 Blenheim Terrace

471 Cliffiord Street 

102 Chelsea Flower Show 

062 Fenchurch Street 

172 Greenwich Park 

I also decided to treat myself to some more Essie colour's and found this Mini set on sale I love these and Where's my Chauffeur is slightly darker that the popular Mint Apple Candy and makes a brilliant polka dot companion. 

 Leading Lady 

Beyond Cozy 

If you wanna know of any other Nails Inc offers that crop up like this be sure to follow me on twitter as I try tweet it out when it's on and it usually only lasts a couple of days.

What are your favourite Nail varnish brands and colour's?

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  1. I love Nails Inc polishes the colours are just amazing.
    Do you have any trick or tips that could stop me from biting my nails?
    Shauni xx

    1. No tips as such Shauni, I started to use fake nails and loved the look of them but they were damaging my real nails so stopped using them and decided that if I was gonna have nice nails I would have to stop biting them it really is just will power the stuff you paint on your nails don't work. Also don't stress when you break a nail it will grow back!!
      Good luck