Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Well hello and welcome to my all new and hopefully improved blog Given Me Wings I have said a very sad goodbye to Love Your Lumps.

 Almost 3 years of blogging under this name which was never really a fashion blog like I intended. At the beginning of this year I didn't know if I wanted to carry on Blogging, but when I thought about not doing it it made me a little sad. So I decided if I was going to carry on doing it then it was time for and update and so after a lot of brain storming, research and personal inspiration I have  chosen something close to my heart.

The name Given Me Wings was inspired by my Cousin Lindsey her Husband Richard and their beautiful new baby daughter Henrietta Jayne. Only a couple of days after her birth Lin and Rich both asked me to be Henrietta's Godmother I was so proud to be asked and of course said yes.

With a new blog name in mind and wanting to celebrate this special moment and use it as inspiration. Now I don't know about you but whenever I think of a Godmother I think of a fairy godmother (it's the Disney addict in me). I feel like I was given special fairy wings that day and this is where the idea come from I also see it as a metaphor for newer greater things that I hope will happen in my life, and so Given me Wings was born.
I hope you like it. Thank you for your support over the last few years and I hope it will continue.

Please don't forget to update me in your bloglist and not only has the name changed but the web address which is now

Let me know what you think x

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