Monday, March 04, 2013

10 Things - I Love about Blogging.

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This is a new feature that I thought I would try out, each week I will bring you a 10 things about a different topics. This is where you can all help me by sending me your ideas on which topics I can do. I would also love you to take part on your blog too you can use the image bellow all I ask is you just link it back here. So let all get involved with this week 10 things.

I Love about Blogging.

  1. The people, not just all of you wonderful people who follow me, but all the fabulous people I follow too I love being included in all the different blogging communities.
  2. All the lovely things I have learned from fellow bloggers in particular different make-up techniques, turns out I have been doing it wrong for years!
  3. I really enjoy writing I always did when I was at school.
  4. I like expressing my opinions and having other like minded people comment on then whether they agree with me or not.I also find reading other peoples opinions and review helps me with my decisions.
  5. Blogging has enhanced my creativity not just with things like posts I write and the pictures I take but with computer based design I was a complete novice before now I feel quite confident with the basics.
  6. Broadened my horizons with the above computer skills I have picked up and with things I have never tried before and stuff I have talked about for the first time.
  7. I can communicate to people all around the world. i have no other way of doing that. 
  8. I have more of a reason to shop now, I intend to start posting hauls.
  9. I enjoy blogging as a hobby I do it just as much for myself as I do for you guys I also find it very therapeutic.
  10. Blogging has built up my confidence no end and I really feel like I can share my thoughts and opinions.
If you have any topics you want me to feature just leave them in the comments.


  1. You've mentioned all great things about blogging)))

  2. Great post x