Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Things - Weird Crushes

Everyone has them, crushes on people your embarrassed to tell anyone, well i'm putting it out there and letting you all know mine
Weird Crushes

1) Phillip Schofield - Kind hearted Silver Fox

2) Matt Smith - The Dr!

3) Jamie Oliver - Boy Can Cook ( borderline I used to fancy the pants off of him)

4) Stanley Tucci - The Talent

5) Sean Connery  - The Voice

6) Simon Cowell - The Power!

7) Ross Kemp - Hardman/Big Softy he used to be on my crush list but unfortunately got bumped! 

8) John Bishop - It was the Comic/Sport relief thing!

9) Rupert Grint - Just pipped Ed Sheeren to the post!

10) Colin Firth - Mamma Mia!

image source's Pinterst and Google
Who are your weird crushes?
If you have an idea for my 10 Things segment please comment below 
I would love to give them a go :) 


  1. I love Simon Cowell, he is just beautiful. Loved this post! x

  2. Yeah simon cowell! My favourite silver fox is garry liniker

  3. I just have to say... Men are really into the lipstick these days. xD Haha.