Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comic Relief

All this week I have been holding a cakes sale in my Parents Crafts shop (where I slave day and night to earn a living) all in the aid of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day.
 I set up a giving page and  joined Davina McCall's team for #Twittermillion. Basically there are a load of famous people who are team leaders and they have been asking/begging their followers to join them and raise just £50 for Red Nose Day doing absolutely anything you want in the hope that they will raise a Million and as a reward each team leader has a special prize.

So I would like to say a 

to all my lovely customers and especially Fiona Lucas who bought loads of my cakes and Rocky Road and other good stuff.

They all helped me Raise
Which is amazing especially when I set myself a target of £65.00

Did you do anything for Red Nose Day?


  1. Awh this is lovely! Well done for raising that money.
    They look so yummy! xx

  2. Those buns looks so yummy! Well done by the way :) nearly doubled your target!xx

    1. Thanks I was over the moon I only ever bake for family and friends so it was nice to get some feedback :)