Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Favorite apps

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite apps on my iPhone/iPad.

 Instagram - I simply love the filters for the photos they can totally change to look of and ordinary photo I also love that you can share them with the world.
Cost - FREE

 Pinterest - I love the desktop version but if I'm ever bored on the train or in the hairdressers I love to look a pretty pictures and be totally inspired as I often am when I have a pin fest.
Cost - FREE

 Retromatic - This is a cool picture editing app using cool backgrounds and icons you can make some really fun picture with this I have wasted many hour playing around.
Cost - £1.49

 You Tube - This is my chosen way to watch you tube videos on iPad they make it really easy to find you subscriptions, and you can read and make comments share videos and thumbs them up just like the desktop version.
Cost - FREE

 Pocket Booth - This is a really fun photo app which turns your iPhone or iPad in to an old school photo booth it has different photo effects they are share-able and printable they really just give you a fun alternative to regular photos.
Cost - £0.69

 Tap the Frog - this is a fun light hearted game which will keep you amused for hours each mini game is a race against the clock to get the best score strangely addictive but above all fun.
Cost - 0.69 or FREE

 Temple Run - FREE - Temple run is an endless running game which gets harder the longer you play the further you get to more addictive it is you just wanna better your score time after time. This has become so popular they recently bought out a sequel Temple run 2 ( I prefer the original)
Cost - FREE

Davina Fitness - This app is brilliant if you have any of Davina's work out DVD 's you will know how encouraging she is now  with this app you have that encouragement in your pocket. This is full of exercise tutorials designed for different areas of the body you want to target and for different levels of experience and intensity. There are timed workouts with warm up and cool down included,and a running buddy (like a pedometer I believe) and well as personal trainer plans. One of the best parts is the reward each workout you complete you get a heart which is a great way of seeing the progress you made you can even tweet Davina to let her know how you've done you never know you might get a reply.
Cost - FREE

What are your Favorite Apps?

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  1. Pocket booth sounds amazing, I had to delete temple run, I got way too addicted haha

    Jennie xo |