Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Dad's Birthday Card

It was my Dad's Birthday on 25th May and he didn't really want to make a fuss and there was nothing he really wanted so I decided to do something a little special with his Birthday card. 
If you don't already know I work for My parents in their Printing and Crafts shop which specializes in selling products for making greetings cards and Wedding invitations. So of course he was expecting a hand made card.
But I decided I wanted to incorporate his love of chocolate, and so after a little search on Google I found an idea a little like this and with a few changes here and there This card was born I hope you like it my Dad certainly did.

Do you think you would give this a go?
If you do please let me know I would love to it.

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  1. Love it! Such a clever idea :) Definitely going to do this for my Dad's B'day!! xx

  2. This is an amazing Idea that i will definitely use

    Carrieanne x


  3. Simply BRILLIANT!!

    Yorkshire Pud xx


  4. This is so good, reading that card has made me so hungry though hehe.


  5. I will do that for my dad on his birthday cause it is so cool