Monday, July 01, 2013

10 Things - My Holiday Essentials

My Holiday Essentials

1) My own beach towel, I always take my own beach towel even if the Villa/Hotel supplies them I'm not really sure why other than I like to have two one to get wet and one to keep dry. My beach towel has The Little Mermaid on it and it's awesome!

2) A really good moisturiser, when you have been out in the sun all day and after you've had a shower your body screams out for a good thick moisturiser I use a Body Shop body butter in mango I love it.

3) I always take an intense moisturising/conditioning hair mask with me as the sun drys out my hair a little. usually half way thought the holiday I will use it and the as soon as I get home too. I use John Freda frizz ease conditioning mask.

4) My Kindle, I have to read by the pool otherwise I would go mad currently reading Chris Colfer The Land of Stories : The Wishing Spell it's really good all about fairy stories and such so it plays on my Disney obsession!

5) DVD Player, there are times when I get a little board of sitting in the sun a reading and I just need a little break so I like to take my portable DVD player and a couple of films or TV series to watch this holiday I took some Glee and oddly Dawsons Creek ( I'm not sure why!!!)

6) Obviously Sun Tan Lotion is a must, this year we decided to buy it while we were there to save on weight, this was a very big mistake it's very expensive. I usually start with a factor 30 and then go to a factor 10 about half way through the holiday then that last few days I use a oil no less than factor 10.

7) Slip on flip flops or sandals for when your round the pool, the floor gets so hot I hate it when you get up off the sunbed to get a beer and burn you feet.

8) Sunglasses, I don't spend lots of money on sunglasses I'm too clumsy, I get them from Primark, my favorite pair were actually free from Bourjous when you bought a Bronzer a couple of years ago, but I have broken them now.

9) Hair bands and Kirby Grips, I hate having my hair tied back I just hate the way I look, but when it's hot it's a must I also hate swimming with my hair down, it's so long it just tends to get in the way. this holiday I've been rocking the messy high bun!

10) Beach Bag, I always pack a beach bag, this year we are in a Private villa  but I still have my beach bag. It contains my kindle, iPad, sun lotion, sunglasses, SPF lip balm and camera it just means your not going in and out all the time which if you in your own villa isn't too much trouble but if you at a hotel or on the beach and you forget something it's a bit of a problem.

What are your Holiday Essentials?

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