Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Portugal | My Family Holiday

As most of you will know at the end of June I went on holiday with my Family to Portugal to a little town called Carvoeiro. I have been there twice before in 1993 and again in 2002. If you would like to see me back in 1993 I did a Throwback recreation picture which you can see here we finally got on after several attempts! 
Carvoeiro is a lovely little town which has not changed much in 20 years. its full of bars and restaurants and little shops, but is still quite quiet. It has one beach right in town which is lovely and sandy and not to big this one is very popular and another tucked away in a cove very quiet very small but beautiful.  
We stayed in a private Villa in Quinta do Paraiso, Monte Carvoeiro which is filled with loads of villa's all different shapes sizes and colours plenty to choose from if we go again. Ours was called Casa Natal it was lovely, surrounded by gardens with a huge pool and plenty of space for all 7 of us, it was light and modern with a hint of tradition. We were about a 10 min walk from town (the only down side was the hill!) It wasn't necessary to hire a car but we did so my Dad and Brother could go and play golf.
We found a great little bar called Bar Havana on restaurant hill in town, with Happy Hour 6-8pm for 2 for 1 on cocktails. They had the strongest Mojito's I have ever had and I indulged my love of gin with a Gin and Melon cocktail which I can't for the life of me remember the name of I'm pictured with in below it was amazing. This was also the bar where My Sister, Brother-in-law and I met Cliff Paris AKA Minty from Eastenders or Fred from Call the Midwife, he was lovely and chatted to Alan like they were mates. Just down a little from the bar was hands down the best Balti I have ever had at  O Indiano .
Towards the end of the holiday I decided to try out the Little beach (I'm not a beach fan!) it was beautiful apart from the sand getting everywhere..oh and the snake we came face to face with walking back up the steps to go to the villa. We screamed very loud and Vicki (my brother's girlfriend) was so sacred she decided to try and and make a break for it cliff side!! I was just a bit annoyed I didn't get my camera out in time! This was probably the hottest day of the whole week iftwas in the 30's it had to be 32 or 33 degrees so as soon as we all got back from the beach we jumped in the pool to cool off and my lovely Mum served us beer while we bobbed around.

Portugal is a lovely place to go I really recommend it, I hope we will all go back again soon.

Where do you love to go on Holiday?

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