Monday, August 05, 2013

10 Things - What I would do with a Lottery Win!

What is this all about find out here!

I would do if I won the Lottery!
I'm talking an unrealistic amount of money off the top of my head something like
66 Million Pounds.

1) Buy a new house all of my own, a little 3 or 4 bed Cottage style house with a lovely little garden front and back or maybe a town house with bags of charater. 

2) I would pay off all of my families morgages so they would't have to worry about it and so they could use the money they save to treat thenselves more often.

3) New York Baby I would take all my girllies for a shoppibg trip to New York flying first class all the way.
4) LIPO!!!

5) Would buy a new car there are plenty I like the look of, My dream car was a Mini but I drive one of those, now I've got my eyes on a Nissan Juke at the moment I love those.
6) I would take the we whole family on holiday somewhere like Florida for a week of non stop fun and then Hawaii for a bit of rest and relaxation. I would also buy a few massive holiday homes all around the world for Family to use as and when they like. 

7) I would start my own Little bakery in the hopes of it becoming a chain.

8) I'd buy everything in the Chanel, Estel Lauder, Origins and MAC ranges.
9) I would Give to Charity Cancer research, Arthritis and Muscular Dystrophy to start with as all of these touch my life in some way

10) I would give some money to my close Friends and Family lets face it life would be a lot more fun if you could share it around a bit.

What would you do with 66Million Pounds?

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  1. Move to Cornwall and open a little ice cream shop by the beach. Oh and build a holiday home in Disney land.
    Lauren x

  2. Fab post, i would travel the world if i won the lottery! xo