Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wish List

This year I found it extra difficult to make a Christmas list, usually there are load of things that I want Santa to bring me. So I decided to do a little window surfing!
I use Amazon as a wish list, they have a brilliant little widget that you add to your browser toolbar which allows you to add items from websites all over the net. You can see them all in you Amazon which list which is then searchable by friends and family or who every you send it to. It works like this...
 I have a few products on my Amazon list from Jo Malone so when you look at the list you see a picture of the product and a link to it, you click the link it takes you to Jo Malone's website (we all know what a link does!!!) then you buy it (Thank you very much). Once it is bought you go back to the amazon list and click where it says - Mark this item as purchased and it sends you an email. You click the link in the email and it removes it from the list, this way the person doesn't get multiples of the same item. Brilliant isn't it. It's not just for Christmas either I have multiple lists which I keep private for things I see throughout the year when I fancy treating myself.

Anyway back to my Christmas list and some of the things I have asked for this year.
My Christmas List 2013

Cushions for my new room Ebay, Jo Malone Perfume Set
Robbie Williams - Swing Both Ways CD, Hangover 3 DVD,  
ASOS Chunky Necklace, Nails inc Gel Nail Varnish in shade Kensington High Street
Listography book , Babyliss Boutique Soft Wave Wand
Hobo Bag from New Look, Naked 3 palette 

Do you/Will you use the Amazon Wish list in the future?
What did you ask Santa for this year?

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