Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sofa..So Good!

My mission to redecorate started with a sofa, a sofa so uncomfortable it made the floor appealing. But with little to no money the only choice I had was to find a free one, enter my lovely Brother. When he moved house he was on a similar mission find free sofas he took to freecycle and found many, too many so when I told him of my predicament he came to the rescue and told me I could swap it for one his.
So I got my self a second (well third) hand sofa. I certainly looked funky smelt a little like that too but I soon changed that.
I gave it a good old vacuum and the sprinkled on a little shake and Vac, do you remember the song...
  ' you do the shake and vac to put the freshness back, do the shake n vac and put the freshness back, when your carpet smells fresh, your room does too, every time you vacuum you know just what to dooo!' 
Then it just needed a new cover, now if you have ever looked for a sofa cover you know they cost and arm and a leg in fact you might as well just get a new one. So I decided a throw would be the best way to go. I jumped on ebay to have a look and I was surprised to see this Elastic easy slip sofa cover for a very reasonable price of £29.95. Well I loved it and ordered it straight away in the colour Grey, it came in just a couple of days and was super easy to fit. It was perfect and made my old dingy looking sofa look new.
Now i just have to find the perfect throw to complement my room theme. So having seen my inspiration post and my first go at up-cycling if you find any thing you think I may like please let me know I would love your input xx.

PS. I know you have the shake and Vac song stuck in you head... yeah sorry bout that LOL.

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  1. Yep, you've definitely got the shake and vac song stuck in my head now hehe! Love how you managed to transform the whole look really simply! Looks so good now <3

    Jennie xo |