Friday, December 06, 2013

Up-Cycling | Desk to TV Unit

Welcome to the first part of my New Project redecorating my sitting room.
The first thing I wanted to get was a TV table/unit I was on the hunt on PrelovedFreecycle and Gumtree but actually found the perfect piece in a Mary Stevens Hospice charity shop.
Originally a desk, I saw massive potential for extra storage and a place for my Telly to live.
It was a bargain at £25 very good quality completely made from wood perfect for a coat of paint.
To start I sanded it all down with an electric sander inside and out of the unit and removed the draw knobs and sanded the drawer fronts too. Then put two coats of a white base paint, which I got from Wilkinsons.
 Then I painted with B&Q Colours in Light Rain It needed a couple of thin coats. *Tip Time* the first coat of base paint I did with a brush, well it turns out I a rubbish and painting not only did it take ages to do, it also looked pretty pants! So for the second coat and when I painted the colour (light rain) I used a mini roller. This left a perfect finish which was quick to do, smooth and even.
When it came to the drawer fronts I used paint sample pots, there was more than enough in them and it meant that I could do each drawer a different colour with out it costing me a small fortune. The colours that I chose were Dulux - Blue Reflection, B&Q- Paradise, B&Q - Cool Slate and Fired Earth - Aconite Yellow.
A couple of coats later and they were all finished, all that was left to do was a single coat of varnish (which I found in my Dads shed!) and some knobs. The choice of knob was a difficult one for me I wanted something Decorative but not too in you face. In the end I opted for these Grey and white polka dotted knobs from ebay  ;)

What do you think? I must admit I am very pleased. It does look a little out of place at the moment but once the rest of the bits and prices start coming and get finished it will come together quite nicely! "she' says" *fingers Crossed*.
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  1. Amazing!!!


  2. It looks fabulous, especially love the colours you chose! <3

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