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I'm Changing | Slimming World

I've talked briefly in a past post about starting at Slimming World last year but I thought I would go into a little more detail. This has been something that  I have tried in the past and shared with you all, the support back then was lovely I hope that you will support me again and this time I will be trying my hardest not to let you all down.

I joined reluctantly mid September last year after a few health worries and pure hatred of my body I knew I had to do something. Long time readers may know that I have tried the Slimming World plan before but I did it on my own at home I did have quite a bit of success, all be it brief!
I decided the best thing for me to do was to sign up and go to the meetings, I found one really local to me and my Sister and Mum joined me too.
We met with our consultant who is really lovely and friendly, she instantly made me feel comfortable and very welcome she also dispelled all the myths I had about weight loss groups which have stopped me from joining in the past.
Myths that included
- The whole group knowing my weight!
The truth, the only way the group will know you weight is if you tell them. Only the girls that weigh you in know the number and the are very discreet (and lovely). My consultant said something to me on my first weigh in that I often think about, as I gasped at the number that appeared on the scales she said to me "don't worry it's that last time we going to see that number".
- Being told off for putting on weight or not loosing any!
If you don't loose weight or you put it on and you have followed the plan there will always be a explanations for it, a silly little mistake, like eating foods that you thought you could eat freely but can't. Your consultant is there to help with things like that, and make sure they don't happen again. They are not there to tell you off no one would come back if they did, plus no ones perfect and they have probably made the same mistakes themselves too.
- Other members would be competitive, jealous or unfriendly!
This is certainly not true for my group in fact its the opposite. They are a friendly and funny group of Ladies and a few Gents who are extremely supportive and I believe that would be the same most groups.

So all myths busted I felt really great about going to group so much so I actually look forward to my Thursday night meetings. I won't go into the whole plan because the website will do a better job at that than I will.
I do the Extra Easy and the name says it all because it really is easy to follow. You can basically eat anything within reason. I don't deny myself anything ( I eat chocolate almost every day!!!) If for any reason you do fall of the waggon the group encourages you to jump right back on.

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My Top Tips

  • Plan your meals - I have found that if I plan what I am going to be eating each day, I think less about food. If you can have the choice of anything to eat then you mind will wonder to the deep black hole. If it is all planned (and even cooked if you very organised) then you can just look forward to it.
  • Try not to save your syns - by this I mean, I was in the habit of keeping all my syns (I currently have between 10 and 15 syns) till the evening, but what I had found was I would get home from work around 5.30pm have a cup of tea and a Curly Wurly (6 syns) and the nothing till my evening meal 7.30-8pm after that i am so full I didn't want anything else to use my syns up on and I wouldn't use them. This is not good and can have a negative effect on your weight loss. Now I spread them throughout the day.
  • Eat Super free first - On this plan with every meal a 3rd of your plate should be made up of superfree food this consists of fruit, vegetables or salad. When you eat your meal eat this part first it fills you up and then you may eat slightly less of the more damaging foods.   
  • Be Prepared - I always carry some fruit or cereal bars in my handbag now, don't be tempted by your best friend or SISTER when you go for coffee,  they order for you while you pop to the bathroom and you come back you find a great big fluffy meringue and over-sized slice of carrot cake and she says to you 'I couldn't decide which to pick so I got both don't worry the meringue that is the size of you head is just egg whites and  little sugar!' This happened to me Sabotaged by my own sister!!! Armed with fruit and a cereal bar she would have been taking that home in a doggy bag!
  •  Always go to the weigh in - even if you have had a really pants week, if you don't go how will you know what damage you have done if any. Your consultant can't help you if you don't go and talk to her/him I also believe I have been consistent with my loss because I stay for the meeting too. You pick up tons of tips and recipes.
An Average Days Eats 
Breakfast fat free yogurt Muller light usually a piece of fruit and a cereal bar. Around 11am I will have either a mug shot (noodle soup) or a couple of pieces of fruit. Lunch is usually a jacket potato (no butter) and baked beans and a salad I will also use up a few syns with a little cheese then either another Muller Light or more fruit. at around 3 or 4pm I will have another cereal bar and sometimes a Options or Highlights hot chocolate. Once home from work I will have a cup of tea and a Curly Wurly until my evening meal which varies from week to week but they are usually completely free meals then If I have syns left I will either have another cereal bar or a glass of wine depending on what is needed most. Slimming World have their own brand cereal bars and the Rocky Road are the best when I told you I eat chocolate everyday this is what I mean.

My Progress
I lost my first half a stone in three weeks and I have consistently lost since then, I have also been awarded Slimmer of the week twice. With Christmas over I was worried about what damage I might have done but in the two weeks Christmas covered I actually lost one pound, which makes my total loss so far One and half stone.
Almost more importantly that my loss so far is the way I think about food, I don't want to eat shit food any more, I want to loose weight and improve my life. Over Christmas I had plenty of opportunity to stuff my face with all the deliciousness that comes with that time of year but when I see my progress written down in my book and when I think about how hard I have worked to loose it I find that there is no food out there that I want more than I want a loss at my next weigh in.
All that yummy food you want to eat like cake, pizza, McDonald's is never gonna go away, but the bigger I get the less happy I am and that yummy food doesn't make it better (no matter what I used to think).
I'm so much happier now and If I can feel this happy with a One and a half stone weight loss how am I gonna feel when I have lost another three or four stone more?
I can't wait to find out!!!

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  1. This is such wonderful advice for those on the weight loss journey with you. I wish you all the best this year as you obliterate those extra pounds.


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