Monday, January 27, 2014

Slimming World | Tiramisu Recipe

I love cooking and since joining Slimming World I have been doing a lot of it. 2 weeks ago at my weigh in I discovered I was 3lbs off my 2 Stone award, so last week I was really focused on achieving that goal. I was told at class that if I wanted a good chance at achieving it I should include Scan Bran in my menu. For those of you who don't know what scan bran is, it's a  Scandinavian Bran Crispbread very high in fibre which helps to keep you fuller for longer and has had great results in helping with weight loss this is a big plus. On the down side, it resembles MDF, it has the texture of Ryvita but doesn't taste half as good, however having said all that as long as it is topped with something (I like Laughing Cow Light) it's not too bad.
Anyway on my quest to find something nice and tasty to make with the scan bran I thought of a dessert , there are loads of cakes you can make with it but I wanted something syn free and that's when I came up with Tiramisu. The Coffee is strong enough to hide (most) of the taste of scan bran and the creamy topping is a delicious compliment, so here the recipe for anyone who would like to give it a go.
FYI I lost 2.5lbs this week so only 0.5 off my 2 stone Happy but Gutted!!!


25g All-Bran (Healthy Option B choice or 3.5syns)
2 Scan Bran (Healthy Option B choice or 2syns)
110g Fat Free Fromagé Frais
35g Philadelphia Lighter  (½ Healthy Option A Choice or 2 syns)
Instant Coffee
Vanilla Essence
100ml Boiling Water
Chocolate or Cocoa Powder for topping (Optional)
Makes one Large Double layer Tiramisu or 2 Single layer

*You can replace the Philadelphia with Quark if you don’t want to use your Healthy Option A choice and it can be made with 5 pieces of scan Bran instead of the All-Bran (you may need extra coffee though!)*

In a bowl add the All-Bran and break up the scan bran.
Mix 1 teaspoon of coffee with the boiling water then add to the bran a little at a time,
mix together till the bran is soaked but not too wet. (You may need a little less/more water)
Leave to cool down and infuse, you can also add a little sweetener at this point if you don’t like your coffee too strong.
In another bowl mix together the Philly and fromagé frais and add sweetener and vanilla essence to taste.
In a glass put a layer of the cooled coffee bran in the bottom  then a layer of the fromagé frais
and repeat. Top of with a little grated chocolate or sprinkle on some cocoa powder.
Leave to set a little in the fridge about 1 hour.

Let me know how you get on and post the pictures on Instagram with #SWtiramisu and I'll keep my eyes open!

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