Monday, January 13, 2014

Up-Cycling | Nest of Tables

A new year and it's time to finish my room, I'm making my end date sometime before the Summer so I really need to get a crack on!
Before Christmas I finished another up-cycling jobby, a Nest of Tables.
These were originally my Grandparents sounds funny to say a set of tables holds memories but these ones do memories like having me and my siblings and cousins sitting at them at various times eating lunch when we stopped with my grandparents more often than not it would be a cheese and brown sauce sandwich. At Christmas time when the whole family were assembled and there was a distinct lack of chairs Gramps would use the little table as a chair. Anyway as many memories as they hold the did need a bit of updating. After a little sanding I decided to use spray paint which I got from Wilkinsons, I sprayed the whole of the table with a light coat after about 20 -30 min and when it was dry I did a second coat but this time I didn't spray the top.
 I decided to paint each table top a different colour (to match my TV unit) one Yellow, one Teal and one pale blue. They each took a couple of coats and once the had fully dried I finished with a clear gloss.

What do you think?
 photo 27bc1f79-3293-440c-b020-4892218bd8d1.jpg


  1. Perfect change! We love DIY, congratulations for this result!

  2. WOW! They look like you've bought them brand new from a shop. Amazing job done. Come do mine in Australia? Hehe x x