Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wisdom Wednesdays | #1

I love this saying and it so true, how many of us have had a something happen that felt insignificant , but is a moment that you will never forget. This is a little sad but, after visiting with them whenever we were leaving my Grandparents house my Grampy would always wave at us from the kitchen window as we drove away, when he became ill with cancer I noticed that he no longer came to the window to see me drive off. One Saturday night when I went round to visit I decided to leave a little early to meet my Sister at the pub. This night My Grampy waved me off from the window just like he used to, the next day he was rushed into hospital and died the following day. Through the shock and grief this was a moment that I forgotten all about. Now it is a memory I will never ever forget.

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  1. This is so true.

    The story about your grandfather is very touching. I'm so sorry he's gone now.


  2. sorry to hear about your loss. I totally agree and these little things are the things we most remember; i'm sure whenever someone waves from a window at you now it will always make you think about your Grandfather :)